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Fine art, mixed with...other things.

Creating art in any form is sometimes an aptitude that people discover, and other times they tend to fall into it. In either case, the individual needs to devote vast amounts of time to their craft in order to develop their proficiencies and methodologies for creating their art. The transition from novice to expert, or master level is that which can in some cases take a lifetime, or more, to accomplish. I am not there yet.


The beginning of my personal story began in the way that many others' did as well. When I was young, I began drawing ( or more likely coloring ), and from here something inside me must have clicked and decided that I rather enjoyed the process of creating. I think back as far as I can, and I cannot recall a time when I made the conscious decision to turn coloring into a hobby where I would then start to create actual works of art. But even though this is not the case, I have ended up in the place I am now. And all because I was compelled by some force to pick up a pencil and re-create images anew. 

After some time passed, there was indeed a time where others took notice, along with myself, and concrete skills began to develop. Which was nice, because at this point I had something to go off of. Bits of encouragement. Folks telling me that they thought my work was worth a look. Every artist knows that these things are absolutely necessary in order to keep up the good fight. With so much road left to walk and many more mountains to climb, every ounce of good vibes are what keeps the artist's flame alive.

Fast forward a bit more and I find myself in my college years. My flame goes out ( or maybe died down into a pilot flame ) until my senior year, which is when I take a drawing class. Throughout this one semester I found that I was greatly inspired by the people around me and the content of the art that I was creating. The issue, is that I was still very lost. My path was split in many directions, some of which looped around and brought me back to places where I had already been. 

                                   "Would you tell me, please, which way I ought to go from here?" said Alice
                                       "That depends a good deal on where you want to get to," said the Cat.

I knew, that I needed to find myself within the art, but there were so many things to discover. What was my style going to be? What techniques should I use? What media? What is my message? Who is my target audience, if any? What should my content be? And why? Why did I want to create art in the first place? Why am I driven? 

As you can see, much like Alice, I had many unanswered questions and no one clear path set before me. What to do next? What to do next indeed. 

Shortly after my college years, I dove into a world that I always knew existed, but didn't have the initiative to explore. That place was the BDSM lifestyle. I found a place that I could go to which would inevitably come to shape the lens that I see the world though, and in turn this lens had a massive impact on my art, and at one point, I had my moment. That one moment where I realized what I needed to do and where I needed to go. I found the vehicle that would take me to my final destination. Fortunately, and very unlike Alice, I had my heading.

​This brings us to today. To a place where I have reserved myself to the fact the process of creating art is not a hobby anymore, but instead is something that drives me to be the person that I am when we meet on the street. I have, at this point, gained enough confidence and understanding of my work to allow me to drive forward. Join me.

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